What is it about kids and food?

feeding kids and friends

In the craziness of motherhood, there is one role that moms often take on:  that of the never-ending food provider. 


From the moment they take their first bites to the days when your house is full of grandkids, the connection between moms, kids, and food becomes an integral part of life.  In this post, we are diving into the importance of good nutrition, exploring the benefits of feeding their friends, why traditions keep them coming back, and the heartwarming way food binds us together.


Although my mom is a great cook, growing up I was not much of a foodie, I thought I was too busy to learn to cook, I didn’t (and still don’t) like the taste of meat, and I never thought much about the power of food.  After I married, I quickly realized that if we wanted to eat we would have to be the ones to cook.  I’ll never forget my first dinner venture, I decided to stick a roast in the crockpot while my husband and I went to work, how can you mess that up.  When we got home Brent lifted the meat out and off slid the plastic wrap from the bottom of the roast, epic fail!!  Then the babies started coming, five boys in all.  Things needed to change so I dove into the intricacies of food, out of necessity at first and now few things bring me as much joy as gathering our family around good food.


The Never-Ending Need to Feed:

It feels very factual: kids are always hungry. From breakfast to dinner and all the snacks in between, the task of providing nourishment can often feel like a full-time job. However, it's through these meals that moms play a crucial role in shaping their children's relationship with food. The flavors they experience, the habits they develop, and the memories they create all start at the family table.


The Importance of Good Nutrition:

While the daily menu might feature a rotating cast of favorites – from mac and cheese to chicken nuggets to Sunday roast – the importance of good nutrition remains constant. Every meal is an opportunity to provide growing bodies with the essential nutrients they need to flourish. Through a balanced diet, moms lay the foundation for their kid’s overall health, energy levels, and even their cognitive development.  Kids learn better, act better and feel better when they are well nourished.


The benefits of feeding the friends:

I learned very quickly that the kids congregate where the food is, and I wanted them to congregate at my house as much as possible.  I learned so much about my kids, their friends, their activities and what was really going on in their lives simply by listening to the chatter of the kids in the kitchen.  So, I began to make a conscious effort to have the kids over for things such as game day lunch, taco Tuesday, summer breakfast, cookie Friday and a never-ending candy drawer are some of the ways that we have opened our home to our kids friends.  Of course, we had to set some boundaries or the kids would clean us out completely, and they complied (sometimes reluctantly).  I decided that buying extra food was a small price to pay to know what was happening with my kids, and to get to know their friends.


Traditions keep them coming back: 

Growing up is hard and when kids have something they look forward to and can count on it gives them a sense of belonging.  It really does not matter if the food is gourmet or from a box, what matters is that it connects them to people who love them.  Think about traditions you have taken from your family of origin and ask yourself WHY.  Those same connections will pass down through generations but it does take the conscious effort, often of a mom, to carry out. 


The kitchen really is the heart of the home:

The never-ending need to feed isn't just about providing sustenance; it's about nurturing bodies, fostering connections, and creating memories. The kitchen becomes a place of laughter, conversations, and shared experiences.  So, here's to the moms who fill plates, hearts, and homes with love, one delicious bite at a time.

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