Setting Screentime Boundaries

Setting boundaries with your sons media

Welcome to the age of technology, where opportunities and conveniences abound, but so do the challenges of managing our sons' screentime. As your guide on the mission to help you confidently connect with your son, I understand the dilemma of wanting to set boundaries without feeling like the "bad guy."

The Digital Dilemma: Sons and Screentime:

Navigating the digital world with our sons can feel much like venturing into the unknown. Striking a balance between embracing technology's benefits and preventing our sons from turning into screen zombies requires setting boundaries that foster a healthy relationship with screens while preserving our own sanity.

Understanding the Screen-Time Struggle:

Before diving into strategies, let's acknowledge the common struggles—eye rolls, dramatic sighs, and the infamous phrase, "But mom, everyone else gets too!" Yes, the screen-time struggle is real, and you're not alone.

Results from Recent Studies:

Addressing the elephant in the room—Science is scrambling to keep up with an ever-changing media world. Ongoing studies have linked excessive screen time to obesity and depression (BMJ Open, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2019).

In my personal experience, excessive screen time (TV, video games, social media) profoundly influences my boys' attitude, motivation, confidence, grades, and relationships.

Because of this, we found it helpful to set boundaries. Here are a few:

  1. Establish Clear Guidelines: Begin by setting clear guidelines for screentime. Involve your son in the conversation, helping him understand the "why" behind the rules.
  2. Create a Family Media Plan: Craft a family media plan outlining when and where screentime is allowed. Involve your son in drafting this plan to align with your values. Your goal is to help your child develop the capacity to self-regulate his screen time.
  3. Lead by Example: Demonstrate responsible screentime habits by putting your phone down during family time. Your actions speak louder than your words.
  4. Designate Tech-Free Zones: Establish certain areas as tech-free zones, like the dinner table or the bedroom, creating better conversations without the distraction of screens.
  5. Encourage Alternative Activities: Incorporate alternative activities that engage your son's interests, making it easier for him to step away from the screen willingly.

Remember Who is in Charge:

Most likely you, as the parent, are paying for the media that enters your home.  Because of this YOU get to decide what you will and won’t continue to allow.  Don’t be afraid to cut off a streaming platform, disable a phone or get rid of a gaming device. 

Navigating the Challenges with Confidence:

As we navigate setting boundaries with our sons' screentime, do so with confidence and a touch of humor.  He will most likely throw a fit, and that is ok.  He might also be relieved that you took charge and helped them break free.

Setting boundaries isn't about being the strict enforcer but the compassionate guide in this digital world. Embrace the journey, find joy in the process, and know that, as a mom, you're shaping a healthy relationship with technology benefiting your son in the long run. With humor, wisdom, and a sprinkle of tech-savvy finesse, you've got this!

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