Are You Really A Good Mom?

How do i know if  I'm a good mom
 The answer is YES and NO!


It's true....

Sometimes you yell at your kids.  Sometimes you spend too much time scrolling on your phone.  Sometimes you are irritated with your spouse.  Sometimes you think being a stay-at-home-mom is a waste of your talents, that no one listens to you and you are not helping anyone.  Sometimes you feel defeated, unappreciated and alone.  I get it!!  As a SAHM I have felt this way, and spent too much time thinking about what I am not doing.
The problem is that we often spend so much of our time worried about what we think we are doing wrong that we don't even acknowledge what we are doing well.


Equally true is...

 Sometimes you are present and available at just the right moments to sooth an aching heart, mend a wound and dry a tear.  Sometimes your guidance will teach a child a lesson that will last them a lifetime.  Sometimes your mere presence in the stands, the audience or the classroom helps your child dig deep and accomplish something they are scared to do.  Sometimes your efforts to increase your own skills and desires motivates others to do the same.  Sometimes you get a simple look from your spouse or child and realize that what you do everyday breaks generational chains and effects generations to come.  Sometimes you feel appreciated, accomplished and full of purpose.  I understand, I've been here too.


I have the best news ever!  Sometimes we are great moms and sometimes we fall short.  That makes us human, what a relief.


Isn't it time we begin replacing shame and guilt with grace and determination.  If we understand that we are GOOD ENOUGH just because!  What if we choose on purpose to show our kids that its ok to be human.  When we do this our kids learn that perfection is not the goal, that nothing has gone wrong when we have a bad day.  That when we fall short we admit it, apologize and move on.  Aren't these the lessons that we really want them to learn?  


So are you a "good mom"?  

 The answer is, Sometimes.  When we embrace this we can teach our kids way more about real life, and isn't that what we really want?  

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