Am I Losing My Identity?

mom losing her identity
Do you ever wonder what happened to the girl you used to be?


I remember distinctly the day that this happened for me.  Several years ago a good friend asked me what my favorite food was and I couldn't even remember what I liked to eat.  I knew for sure that it wasn't mac and cheese or chicken nuggets, but what was it?  The more I thought about it the more I realized that not only had I forgotten what I liked to eat, I also didn't have many hobbies and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I have an evening alone.


 I felt lost! 


Can you relate to this?


We begin think, "If I only had my life back".  Then our brain starts going to work trying to remember what we used to love to do, what we used to love to eat, who we used to spend time with. Who we were before motherhood, laundry, meals and near constant requests.
If we could go back and remember than maybe we could do those things again and be happier.
Here's the thing....this is like driving your car down the road while looking in the rear view mirror.  You don't make progress and certainly won't safely arrive at your destination if you are focused behind you while your car is moving forward.  A recipe for disaster.


What if the discontent you feel today is not a problem at all, but an opportunity?

To reinvent yourself on purpose
To choose what hobbies and interests you want to explore
To find new things you like to eat
To take what you want from the past and leave the rest behind
It is possible to embrace change.  To be secure in moving forward.  You are not starting over but expanding who you once were and becoming more.  
More selfless, more giving, more protective, more genuine, more vulnerable, more compassionate and more complete.
When we choose to engross ourselves in motherhood and family life we fear that we will lose who we are, but what if this is exactly where we find out who we were always meant to me.  



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